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Parliamentary Group: Swiss Friends of Palestine face extinction

Parliamentary Group: Swiss Friends of Palestine face extinction

Parliamentary group

Swiss Friends of Palestine face extinction

The Swiss Parliament maintains a “friendship group” with Palestine. This has already caused scandals in the past. After the attacks against Israel, current members distanced themselves.


“Hamas is a criminal organization and a corrupt group,” says Fabian Molina, national advisor for the Socialist Party.

20 minutes / Matthias Speicher

  • The Parliament’s “Swiss-Palestinian Friendship Group” includes ten members.

  • But after Saturday’s Hamas attack, the movement faces an uncertain future.

  • All members distance themselves from the “criminal and corrupt” Hamas.

“Swiss-Palestinian Friendship Group,” says the list of parliamentary blocs for the National Council and the Council of States. President: Carlo Sommaruga, Council of States from Geneva. The group consists of ten members, nine of whom are from the Green Party or the Socialist Party. The only one who didn’t stay was Aargau GLP National Council member Beat Flach.

in the past The organization has caused scandals before. For example, when its then president, National Green Chancellor Jerry Müller, invited a group of Hamas representatives to the Federal Palace. Shortly thereafter, Israel threatened the politician in Aargau because of his connections With entry prohibited.

Distance instead of “friendship”

The current members of the Friendship Group strongly condemn the attack carried out by Hamas yesterday and maintain their distance. “Hamas is a criminal organization and a corrupt group,” says Socialist Party National Advisor Fabian Molina, for example. “Saturday’s attack is an absolute disaster,” says GLP national adviser Pete Flach.

This is a friendship group

Friendship groups are parliamentary groups that maintain relations with other countries, regions or population groups, according to the Dictionary of Parliament. Groups and their members can be viewed in a public registry.

However, these groups can do little more than maintain dialogue. It is said that “parliamentary groups are not organs of the Federal Assembly.” This means that they cannot attend on behalf of the Federal Assembly and, for example, hold diplomatic discussions.

However, Molina also says: “Kidnapping Israeli civilians and firing rockets at cities is despicable. “But cutting off electricity to Palestinian hospitals out of revenge is also wrong,” which the National Council of the Socialist Party in Zurich accuses both sides of escalating.

As many members of the friendship group confirm, the organization remained virtually inactive for several years. It is uncertain whether it will be reactivated again.

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