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Paraguay Farmers protest against unjust land distribution in Hola News


Asuncion, March 25 (EFE) .- During a rally of the National Federation of Agriculture (FNC), hundreds of farmers in Asuncion denounced the unjust land distribution in Paraguay as the most unequal in Latin America. Mario Apto Benades resigned for managing the epidemic.

The Poor Farmers March 27th edition toured the Heroes Pantheon in the center of Asuncion, where after many interventions Theodolina Villalpa closed the FNC’s first general secretary event since 2012.

Like other speakers, Villalpa called for agrarian reform, exposing the plight of a small peasantry in a situation where education and health attendance had deteriorated, as well as infrastructure, credit, markets and technical assistance, “completely abandoned to its destiny.” By the appearance of the cove a year ago.

For his part, Emiliano Gonzalez, the co-ordinator of the Youth Branch, stressed the lack of state policies to protect agrarian agriculture, thus stopping migration from the countryside to the city.

“Unfortunately 80% of the land in our country is in the hands of big landowners and foreigners,” Gonzalez said on stage in front of the Pantheon.

In this regard, the FNC Deputy General Secretary, Marshall Gomez, told EFA that 300,000 hectares of historically settled farmers have been recognized since the organization was established.

“External Corruption and Ventapetrias”

However, Gomez reiterated the plan of an organization in his national program, which establishes a new paradigm of solving the structural problem of the country’s land, by demanding your demands that agricultural exporters be held accountable under FNC concessions.

In that sense, this year’s march joins the Conservative Party of Colorado in demanding the resignation of Abdo Benedetz and his government, with groups of citizens marching in Asuncion this month.

“We maintain that Apto and his successor will resign and form a national emergency government based on that national plan,” Gomez said.

He stressed an epidemic among urban and rural working people, which translates to unemployment, and without government-allocated social assistance funds.

In fact, this year’s march took place under the slogan “Get out of corruption” in connection with several scandals that have provoked the government in the first procurement of bulk medical supplies.

Criticisms increased this month as reports emerged that there was a shortage of supplies and drugs in the public health network, one of the most backward countries in the region, which added to the delay in the arrival of vaccines, which was the reduced amount imposed on health workers.

It sparked a series of protests, taken over by the opposition’s largest Liberal party last week, which sought to blame Apto Benetes for his poor performance in dealing with the epidemic, which was frustrated by the ruling majority in the lower house.

Run in Covid mode

The FNC decided to hold the march after it was suspended the previous year due to an epidemic, so the organizers decided to invite fewer participants than before, which usually brings together thousands of farmers from across the country.

The march, which began at the Metropolitan Seminary, passed without incident, with protesters wearing traditional agricultural sticks and wearing a mandatory mask this year.

Similar births occurred in ten sectors, and from health prevention complexes to the date of a version developed by the FNC, which enables a steady increase in infections and severe isolation from this Saturday after Easter week.

In a population of more than seven days, the health ministry said 51 people had died from the corona virus, an unprecedented number on a daily basis, bringing the total death toll to 3,869 and the number of infections to 200,823. Million.

An increase in the number of daily cases taking the common rooms and intensive care rooms of the dangerous health network.