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Suez Canal: Evergreen, on the other hand, is a work in progress, a huge cargo ship

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Image source, © Cnes2021, Distribution Airbus D.S.


Evergreen blocks traffic in both directions via the Suez Canal.

The landing of the cargo ship Evergreen in the Suez Canal prompted a massive operation to try to free it.

Those working on the matter warn that it could take days or even weeks. Evergreen, the longest of four football fields, runs at the southern end of the canal, blocking traffic on one of the busiest river corridors. Country. The world.

How can they move what someone has given them?

Ever Given, the company that manages Bernhard Schultz Management (PSM) operations, says up to nine towers have been used to free the ship.

The cargo ship was 400 meters long and crossed the canal more than 200 meters wide.