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Overtourism: From 2024, a visit to Venice will cost five euros

Overtourism: From 2024, a visit to Venice will cost five euros

Tourism in huge numbers

This is the amount you have to pay to see Venice

The beach town has been groaning under crowds of tourists for years. From 2024 onwards, entry fees will be due, but only on certain days.


Venice is a place of longing: and it would be foolish for it to be the same for countless other tourists.

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  • Because Venice has long suffered from overtourism, the city has long been looking for ways to reduce the number of visitors.

  • From spring 2024, walking around the city on certain days will cost five euros.

  • This concept serves as a trial balloon for the city.

Venice “Look and die” – Even if this proverb actually refers to Naples, the beach city still attracts countless tourists every year: in 2019 alone there were 19 million. Something had to happen, thought the Venezian, who struggled with crowds of people—especially those who only came for a day. There was already one in advance Pre-registration is free The speech – but now it will cost quite a bit to watch “La Serenissima”: five euros. This was reported by the Corriere della Sera newspaper.

Entrance fees are due from Easter 2024 until the summer – but only on certain days, which are called “bollino nero” in Italian, or “black vignette” in German – but the English expression “black dot” is more common. The city wants to test the concept for 30 days, then modify or expand it if necessary. However, the number of visitors should not be regulated during this period. This was preceded by four years of debate and ideas about how to control overtourism in Venice.

Who should pay – and who doesn’t

Of course, not everyone staying in Venice is required to pay: admission is restricted to day tourists. You must register in advance and obtain a QR code and it must be shown during verifications. Otherwise you risk a fine ranging from 50 to 300 euros. According to calculations of the city’s tourism consultant, Simone Venturini, about 1.5 million euros can be achieved from the funds that will be collected during the testing period. The money is not used to make a profit, but rather to finance the controls and booking portal. But perhaps it’s also about deterrence to some extent.

However, those who do not have to pay anything are:

  • Tourists stay for several nights

  • Children under 14 years old

  • Students from Venice universities

  • Residents and people who work in the city.

There is no entrance fee for the following groups, but registration is required: multi-day tourists, residents of the Veneto region, people coming for medical treatment and participants in sporting events.

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