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Four Roman swords discovered in a Dead Sea cave

Four Roman swords discovered in a Dead Sea cave

Israeli archaeologists found four ancient Roman swords in a cave in the Dead Sea.

The Israel Antiquities Authority said on Wednesday that Jewish rebels likely hid the relics about 1,900 years ago during the Bar Kochba revolt against the Romans. “This is dramatic evidence of a specific moment in history,” the statement said.

Good pieces.Image: Cornerstone

A Jewish uprising led by the rebel leader Bar Kochba broke out in 132 and was suppressed about three years later.

Researchers reportedly discovered the weapons in a small crack in an inaccessible cave near Ein Gedi Nature Park. It has been “extremely well” preserved. Three of them were in wooden cases. “It’s rare to find one sword, but four? this is a dream. “We would rub our eyes to believe it,” the researchers said. Further investigations should now provide information about exactly when the swords were hidden.

The dry climate conditions of the region made it possible to preserve the artifacts. The director of antiquities said: “It is a unique time capsule, in which parts of scrolls and coins from the period of the Jewish uprising, leather sandals and even swords in their sheaths look sharp as if they were hidden only today.” Power, Eli Escucedo, with.

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