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Hitler Beetle can keep his name

Hitler Beetle can keep his name

The little brown beetle will probably continue to name Adolf Hitler. A committee came to the conclusion that renaming for ethical reasons was not within its jurisdiction.

According to the responsible committee, there have so far been no requests to change the scientific names of animal species for ethical reasons – not even for Anophthalmus hitleri.

The International Commission on Zoological Nomenclature issues rules for naming new animal species. She rejects the renaming on ethical grounds. Taxonomist Daniel Whitmore, a member of the responsible committee, said: “We understand, of course, that some names may cause discomfort or offence.”

This is what Hitler's nose looked like.

But the priority is to have universal and stable nomenclature so that there is no confusion. “It is not our job to judge whether names are offensive or morally unacceptable, as this is a very subjective and personal matter.”

Some names given decades ago are now being criticized because they honor controversial people, use colonial place names, or, in the view of some scholars, could be discriminatory or racist. According to the ICRC, several hundred thousand scientific names could be affected. (DAP/EPA)

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