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Olympia 2020: The most impressive photos of athletes' sufferingعان

Olympia 2020: The most impressive photos of athletes’ sufferingعان

The athletes were eventually completely exhausted. Photo: cornerstone

These amazing photos show how much athletes suffer

Despite an early start at 6.30am local time, the triathlon at the Tokyo Olympics demands everything from the athletes. Swiss Max Studer must also be looked after after crossing the finish line.

Simon Häring, Tokyo / ch media

Tokyo is a free island and at the start of the men’s triathlon the thermometer shows 24 degrees – although the competition starts at 6.30am local time to avoid the high temperatures and humidity. Like Nicholas Spirig, Swiss Max Studer had prepared for these harsh conditions with training sessions in a thermal tent in St Moritz. However, at the end of the race, like many others, he was so exhausted that he needed to be taken care of for a while.

After swimming he was 44th, but made it to the first group on the bike path. After the race quarter, the 25-year-old from Solothurn, who is considered a strong sprinter, finished fourth when he praised his efforts on the bike. “I couldn’t keep up with the pace because I had to invest a lot on the bike to catch the top,” he says. In the end, he was ranked ninth and barely missed a college degree.

The following photos show how much not only Max Studer, but also other athletes suffer from these conditions.

Max Studer must be taken care of in the end zone. Photo: cornerstone

Max Studer missed the Olympic diploma despite her best efforts. Photo: cornerstone

Winner Christian Blumenfelt shortly after crossing the finish line. Photo: cornerstone

Australian Aaron Royal water cooled. Photo: cornerstone

Gianluca Pozzatti is also water dependent. Photo: cornerstone

Athletes are totally exhausted in the end zone. Photo: cornerstone

Gustav Eden and Kevin McDowell. Photo: cornerstone

Der Ungare I think Bicsak. Photo: cornerstone

Salvisberg goes on the running track as a leader

Shortly before the Olympics, Studer became the European champion at distance sprint in Kitzbühel, proving his good form. However, his coach Brett Sutton has always said he has been pursuing a long-term plan with Studer and ultimately would like to make it into a medal competition at the 2024 Paris Olympics. “I am very happy with my developments over the past four years with Britt,” says Studer. Sutton and my performance.”

The heat and humidity caused Andrea Salvesberg to put in little effort. He attacked on the bike path and changed the leader to the running track by a small margin. But running is his main weakness. He says, “I had relatively good legs at first, but then it was inherited. I couldn’t see what I was capable of, which was very frustrating. Even while swimming it was a cut and stab.” Andrea Salvesberg finished 22nd.

gold Norwegian Christian Blumenfeldt wins by 11 seconds over Briton Alex Yee and 20 seconds ahead of Hayden Wilde. New Zealand. For Max Studer and Andrea Salvesberg, there is another chance to win an Olympic medal in Tokyo next Saturday. In the mixed event that has just been added to the Olympic programme, the Swiss team around Nicolas Spirig and Jolanda Anen are considered contenders for medals.

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All medal decisions on July 26 in Tokyo


All medal decisions on July 26 in Tokyo

Coil: Keystone / Wu Hong

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