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Blummenfelt wins triathlon gold - and pukes

Blummenfelt wins triathlon gold – and pukes

Norway’s Christian Blumenfelt runs to gold in the Tokyo Heat Triple Battle at the 2021 Olympics. In the end, the winner is clearly taken.

Christian Blumenfelt vomits after winning a triathlon at the 2021 Olympics. – Twitter / @gronzor_

The basics in brief

  • Christian Blumenfelt wins the Tokyo Triathlon at the 2021 Olympia in Tokyo.
  • The completely exhausted Norwegian had to vomit in the finish area.
  • However, with the help of his rivals, he was able to get back on his feet again.

To avoid the worst temperatures in Tokyo, we will Monday Olympic Triathlon Already made forward. However, the already intense competition at the 2021 Olympics is turning into a real heated battle.

Should the triathlon have been conducted under these circumstances?

Winner Christian Blumenfelt feels it, too. After reaching the finish line, the Norwegian is completely stunned that it will be enough to win the Olympics. But then the exhaustion begins.

Blummenfelt bends and vomits. Runner-up Alex Yee and third, Hayden Wilde, rush to his aid right away. Guards are also there on the spot.

Nice gesture: Depending on the other medal winners, the Norwegian can leave the finish zone. The scene clearly demonstrates the torture the athletes had to endure.

The start of the triathlon also caused an uproar: a camera boat was on the way and half the athletes were prevented from entering Water to jump. So the start had to be repeated.

The Swiss had a decent performance at the 2021 Olympics, but in the end he had no luck. In ninth place, Max Studer missed an Olympic diploma. Andrea Salvesberg, who is now on top, came in at 22nd in the finish.

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