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Niemann raises serious allegations against world champion Carlsen

World Champion Magnus Carlsen: Hans Niemann accused him of cheating.Photo: Cornerstone

The chess world continues to boil: Alleged ‘anus cheating’ Hans Niemann raises serious allegations against world champion Magnus Carlsen.

01/14/2023, 16:1001/14/2023, 16:46

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Chess player Hans Niemann, who was said to have cheated with anal beads in a duel with Magnus Carlsen, raises serious allegations against the world champion. This came from a lawsuit published by the newspaper “Daily Mail” and filed in the District Court of the US state of Missouri.

“To ensure that he did the maximum possible damage to Niemann and his career, Carlsen conducted a secret smear campaign against Niemann in the days and weeks following the Sinquefield Cup, with the aim of supporting high-profile defamation allegations of Carlsen within the chess community.” A letter from Neiman and his lawyer.

July 31, 2022, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India: Grandmaster Magnus Carlsen of Norway is seen during Round 3 of the 44th FIDE Chess Olympiad in Chennai.  Chennai India - ZUMAl172 0163907496st Copyrigh...

Did Carlsen pay someone to discredit Neiman?Photo:

The real accusation now comes: “Carlsen’s malicious smear campaign against Neymann went so far as to pay 23-year-old grand chess master Arjan Tari €300 for him at the closing ceremony of the European Club Cup on October 9, 2022, in the presence and hearing of many of the world’s most eminent chess players. Many fans chanting “Ukse Hans” from the stands, which means “Hans is a cheat” in Norwegian.

Chess players Niemann and Carlsen have been at odds since the beginning of September. At that time, the world champion withdrew from a duel against the 19-year-old. A few weeks later, Carlsen made allegations of fraud against Neiman, who, however, fought back.

Carlsen did not disclose exactly what this fraud looks like. Canadian chess master Eric Hansen was obsessed with speculation. He talked about the possibility of receiving vibration signals for the next chess move via anal beads. The end of the conflict is still not in sight.

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