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TuS Sulingen can’t be stopped

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from: Julian Dickman

Unbeaten, not conceded: the local league team TuS Sulingen deservedly won the “Lloyd’s Challenge Cup” hosted by FC Solingen on Saturday. In the end, a 1-0 win over Bsum in the final was enough. © FC Solingen

Thanks to a very strong performance, TuS Sulingen state league footballers were crowned winners of the “Lloyd Challenge Cup” tournament organized by local league club FC Sulingen on Saturday. In the final, TuS was content with a 1-0 victory over defending champions TSV Bassum, who last won the championship in 2020.

Solingen – Coach Iman Pee Rea’s team performed impressively in two respects. Firstly, his team did not concede a single goal during the tournament. Secondly, TuS player Theo Klare was honored as the tournament’s Most Valuable Player. “TuS Sulingen chose to be the deserved winner. Perform as you would expect from a national league team. Those who go through a championship run without conceding more than they deserve to win. Congratulations,” FCS coach Marian Bingel congratulated the city’s rivals.

Lars Meslow was the tournament’s top scorer with five goals

But the performance of the host country, which has reached at least the semi-finals, was amazing. A rival in town, TuS Sulingen, was waiting for Pingel’s team. “We acted very fearfully against TuS and weren’t aggressive enough,” said the FCS coach. And so in the end there was a defeat 0: 2. “It was deserved. It was clear that TuS was the most active team and deserved to reach the final. In the subsequent third-place match against league rival SC Twistringen, there was no longer any sign of concern. SCT qualified as group winners for the semi-finals, where they were narrowly defeated by county league side Bsom by 1:2. As it remained scoreless in the ‘minor final’ after normal playing time (twelve minutes), the penalty shoot-out had to decide between victory and defeat . In the end, Solingers, with Lars Meslow named as the tournament’s top scorer with five goals, had better nerve and won 2–1. Also thanks to FCS goalkeeper Daniel Buda, who was in a good mood and made solid saves against both Johan Becky and Justus Schleck. Pingel concluded positively: “We can be very satisfied with the third place.”

In the subsequent final, TuS Sulingen had to deal with Bassumers. Coach Martin Werner’s team, in which Leonard Schäfer was recognized as the best goalkeeper in the “Lloyd Challenge Cup”, finished second in their group B and won only one of their three group matches (1-0 against SC Uchte). But thanks to a better goal difference, it was enough for the semi-finals, which Sumer narrowly won.

But in the end it was the end of the line. Lindenstadt’s team had no chance against the powerful TuS, but lost only 0:1. Devin Schmidt (header) was responsible for the winning goal in the seventh minute and named his team the new, well-deserved winners of the championship.

Successful start to the tournament: FC Sulingen's Joshua Ludwig (left) beat TuS Kirchdorf around Jasper Lüschow 2-0 in the opener.
Successful start to the tournament: FC Sulingen’s Joshua Ludwig (left) beat TuS Kirchdorf around Jasper Lüschow 2-0 in the opener. © jdi