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Nicola and Brooklyn Beckham reconcile with the schemers

Nicola and Brooklyn Beckham reconcile with the schemers

Wedding drama

Nicola and Brooklyn Beckham reconcile with the schemers

The $4 million wedding sparked a huge dispute with the wedding planners, with complaints coming from both sides. It is now said that they have reached an agreement.


The legal dispute between the Peltz family and Plan Design wedding planners is said to be over.


  • After months of wrangling between the Peltz family and the wedding planners, the legal dispute was settled.

  • The two parties are said to have reached an agreement.

  • After the $4 million wedding, the bride’s father, Nelson Peltz, sued the company.

It’s been almost a year and a half: In April 2022, Brooklyn Beckham (24) and his wife Nicola Peltz (28) said yes in a gorgeous Miami wedding. Now the two and father of the bride and billionaire Nelson Peltz (81) have met after a long time Legal dispute with originally hired wedding planners PDE agreed, according to the Daily Mail.

It seems that there is no end to this matter. But now the disputing parties have announced a settlement of their legal dispute. Father Peltz, a very wealthy hedge fund manager, on whose property the wedding took place in Miami, had made serious allegations against Nicole Eichenwald Bragin and Ariana Grigalba of Plan Design Events Miami, PDE for short, and sued them.

The planners are said to have not repaid the deposit

On the one hand, they did not pay the $159,000 deposit he made. In addition, they were not up to the task and the size and fame of the wedding. At that time they were Both event planners six weeks before the wedding Commitment done. After nine days they were out of work.

Both parties now declare that an agreement has been reached. Among other things, the law mandates a donation by PDE in Brooklyn Beckham and Nicola Peltz’s name to CARE’s Ukraine Crisis Fund. Other than that, PDE Nicola and Brooklyn Peltz wish the Beckhams “a happy and productive life as a married couple,” the statement says.

Nelson Peltz has publicly criticized the company

In the past few months, Peltz Sr. has never tire of publicly criticizing the company. In light of the expected 500 guests of the highest rank, the two women were completely overwhelmed: “During their nine-day tenure, they did not abide by the terms of the contract and were absent from important meetings. The fame of the newlyweds as well as that of their guests would have required the wedding planners to deal with an event of This level.”

The wedding planners’ lawyer counters that his clients have a good reputation to defend when it comes to hosting high-profile weddings around the world. This does not seem like a complete agreement. But above all it should Bride Nicola must have made her job hell for the planners It was made. Apparently the flowers we ordered weren’t white enough and the band was too tacky, which is why only one of the members was allowed to go to the wedding.

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