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New game Tesla in the online store>

If you wish, you can take your children into the Tesla world from the age of one and a half years: for this set, the US toy manufacturer RadioFlyer offers the product “My First Model Y” – essentially a small car, but only in Tesla design. From the age of three, a small model S was put into question, this Tesla even used it as a bonus to attract new buyers for a while of his electric cars. And brand new in the lineup is the kids’ version of a product that doesn’t even exist in big form: the Cyberquad, which was introduced at the end of 2019 with the Cybertruck.

Tesla design head showing children’s tetra

There are currently no specific dates for steel or electric quad trains that can be charged in their loading area. But this week, CEO Elon Musk suggested that could soon change: on Twitter Announcing the updated Tesla product plan for the end of January, which should also provide new information on the electronic network. In other respects, too, additional activities have increased at least recently: Tesla initially put socks with Cybertruck motifs in its US store and whistled in this design at the beginning of the week.

The socks were still on Thursday, and the internet whistle is long gone — but head design Franz von Holzhausen introduced Tesla’s next and most expensive game yet on Twitter. He wrote that he was out with the kids on the internet bands and showed a video of him drifting for a few laps in the fresh air. von Holzhausen himself did not initially reveal what compounds it contained. But a helpful commentator has posted a link to YouTube, in which RadioFlyer shows that “Tesla Cyberquad for Kids” is now in the program.

Unlike other small versions, it cannot be ordered directly from the Tesla online store on Thursdays, and only in the USA. It costs $1,900, and Tesla advises that quads won’t necessarily arrive before Christmas for kids eight and older. According to the description on RadioFlyer, the design is based on Cybertruck and created in collaboration with Tesla. Maximum speed adjustable 5 miles or 10 miles per hour, range 15 miles (about 24 kilometers).

Hope for cyber progress

As the watchdogs in Holzhausen’s video realized, the Tesla designer wasn’t driving a kids’ SUV, but rather a larger one – possibly the same prototype that was used at the end of 2019 Show Cybertruck and a little later also in a video for the rapper Travis Scott has been seen. But Tesla may have already built a new version of it. The backlog of Cybertruck news, at least in the store, has raised hope that the truck itself will also go ahead. And if your weight is not more than 68 kilograms and you are not in a hurry nor very far, you can go to work on a mini quad at the moment.