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National League on Friday – ZSC's third consecutive defeat – Zug defeats defending champions Geneva – Sports

National League on Friday – ZSC's third consecutive defeat – Zug defeats defending champions Geneva – Sports

  • HC Davos inflicts leader ZSC Lions with a third defeat in a row.
  • Defending champions Geneva Servette lost 3-0 at home to Yves Zug.
  • SCL Tigers wins for the first time after 8 consecutive defeats.
  • Freiburg, Lugano, Lausanne and Agoy can also be celebrated.

ZSC Lions – Davos 2:3 next

The Lions simply cannot beat Davos: ZSC also has to leave the ice as losers in the third head-to-head duel of the season. Enzo Corvi made the decision in extra time after just 19 seconds with a powerful shot into the top corner. The home side seemed to be in control in normal time, but they still had to make up the difference twice. Dennis Hollenstein only managed to make it 2-2 with less than 3 minutes left in the game. Despite the third defeat in a row, the Lions remain in the lead.

Geneva-Servette – Zug 0:3

Geneva Servette lost 3-0 at home to Yves Zug. In the 26th minute, Dario Simeone scored a goal against the run of play to make the score 1-0. Attilio Biasca showed a good eye when he made the decisive pass. It was also Piasca who took the initial decision in the 51st minute when he quickly used the rebound. Fabrice Herzog put the lid on it shortly before the end (58). After 4 victories in a row, the “Grenats” again had to leave the ice as losers, as Zug won the third duel of the season with the champions.

Freiburg – Ambre 6:2

Fribourg Gotteron continues to rise this year. The Dragons also won their fourth match of 2024 – at home against Embry Biotta, winning 6-2. This was also the 15th win in the 19th home game. After Samuel Walser's early lead (3rd), Dario Burgler equalized for the visitors (26th), but just 21 seconds later Jacob de la Rosa scored the equalizer for the home team. Andreas Borgmann raised the score to 3-1 in the second third, which the Leventini team was unable to respond to. While Gottieron is riding the wave of success, the Biancoblo are licking their wounds after a fifth defeat in a row.

Kloten – SCL Tigers 2:5

SCL Tigers finally managed to win again after 8 straight defeats. In Kloten, they were able to breathe a sigh of relief thanks to their 5-2 victory. The Tigers were supposed to settle the match in the second half. Despite having a shot-on-target ratio of 21:7, the visitors were “only” ahead by 3:2. At least they were able to turn the score around from 1:2 to 3:2 thanks to goals from Julian Dirt (29th) and Alexi Saarela (39th). Dirt started the game 1-0 after just 13 seconds before Axel Simic (6th) and Marc Marchon (11th) allowed Klotner's team to celebrate. The joy faded in the final third at the latest, when Brian Zanetti (58) and Julian Fehling (60) made things clear with a hat-trick.

Lausanne – Bern 4:1

Lausanne achieved a clear win at home to Bern. After unexpectedly falling behind in the 11th minute thanks to Jonah Lotto, the French-speaking Swiss team turned things around. Tim Bozon (13th), Damian Ryat (18th) and Mika Salomacki (20th) turned the game around before the first break. There was no response from Bern in the second third, instead Lausanne continued to push forward. Michael Huggley (32nd) took the decision at 4-1, and SCB were not very aggressive in attack – the visitors registered just 12 shots in the entire match.

Lugano – Biel 3:2 n.p

Logano took the lead twice through Mark Arcobello, and Pyle was able to respond twice. After Victor Loew's equalizer in the 31st minute, the score became 2-2. Although the attacking play continued, there were no further goals in normal time. Since no decision was taken in extra time, it was necessary to resort to penalty kicks. There the Ticino team proved more solid: 4 of Luganesi succeeded, while 2 of Biel failed. After 3 consecutive defeats, Logano finds his way to victory.

Agui – Rapperswil-Jona 4:3 Nevada

In the basement duel, bottom team Ajoie prevailed narrowly and late over Rapperswil-Jona. In extra time, Dmytro Timashov scored the winner after a brilliant Jurassic combination. In the middle third there was a rain of goals in short order: Frederic Gauthier answered the Lakers' 2-1 win with Petr Kajka (28th) after just 39 seconds, and after another 54 seconds the Lakers were once again leading thanks to a goal. By Roman Cervenka. Ajoie equalized again with just a minute to go.