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MXoN failure: Co-favorite Australia also withdraws / countries motocross

The two Lawrence brothers, who were starting for HRC in the United States, wanted to represent their home country at the Motocross of Nations in Montova, but were not allowed to. The Australian team was a favorite in 2021.

“We definitely wouldn’t start,” he explained Jet Lawrence At the press conference after the match Buds Creek. “I can too The hunter Speak: We wanted to represent our country, but the more powerful people did not allow us. It’s about visas and everything. “

This reason almost sounds like a huge plot, but it does Visaproblematik For Lawrence-Brothers are nothing new. You were at the World Cup for many years. The defeat against the Australian team had already been announced in advance. Tim Ghazar, Ken Rosen And Ruben Fernandez had announced that he would not be participating in the Motocross of Nations. So that was it HRC No more own driving in the race. ‘S technical support LawrenceThe brothers who make up the center of the Australian team, but will be through the Europeans HRC-The group takes place. This issue has also been mentioned Ken Rosen On his own Comment.

“It’s annoying,” he says The hunter. “If everything is down Jet If I do, we will go. Unfortunately, this is not the time for us to make decisions. One of the motocross of nations Excellent EventS Throughout the year. You can represent your country. It is a shame that we lose. Jet I will be in a group for the first time. We would have a good team. Hopefully next year it will be a little more normal and we can be there. “

Coincidentally, the Australians take third place in the league MX2 World Championship Rider Always a Beaton. After both are gone Lawrence The brothers are unlikely to have a team after Australia Mandua Posted.

Salvation for it Event Can still become Americans. It is not entirely clear in what order they appear. Team presentation last Saturday Buds Creek Has exploded. Chase has already been confirmed to be under Sexton HRC-The tent would have stood for the same reason Lawrence-Brothers will disappear. American team leader Roger de Coaster now needs to not only ensure a competitive driving line-up, but also tackle the sensitivity of the teams. KDM Definitely ready, but Americans are only present Cooper Join their line, but not good Outer-season Would have been. The US-Husqvarna troop (Jason Anderson, Zach Osborne) was completely injured. Only the gods know how appropriate Justin Parsia (Casco) is Yamaha lineup With Blessinger, Craig And Cooper Against Herlings, Goldenhoff And Van D Moosdijk Being seems questionable.

Rat Tomato Then Mandua Come on, but still the commitment of the Kawasaki factory team will become an additional obstacle. Kawasaki Announced the team ‘MX.Eskel B.V ‘ At the end of the season. The future ‘MX.Eskel B.V ‘, Up to this ‘KRT Kawasaki Factory Team ‘ The cast is uncertain. The motivation of the troops to stand in support of the rat in this situation Tomato Hard work must be overcome. In addition: too Tomato Kawasaki is Let the season end.

The Motocross of Nations 2021 is not in a mess. There’s a lot out there. After the Australians are eliminated, fans can at least hope that the Americans will put together a team one last time. France, Australia, Belgium, Spain, Switzerland and Germany did not enter The best actors At this it increases the chances of the Americans – if not the strong Dutch.