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The Taliban are threatening the United States

Britain and the United States want to expel as many people as possible from Afghanistan. But there is not much time for this. If the mission is extended, there is a risk of a confrontation with the Taliban.

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The Taliban We have United States And threatened with consequences if Britain entered the evacuation mission Acceptance It did not end on August 31st. “This is a red line,” Taliban spokesman Suhail Shaheen told Sky News. There will be consequences. “

Prime Minister of the United Kingdom Boris Johnson Wants to meet US President Joe Biden For the extension of the exhaust process. This would not have been possible without the United States. “It is a fact that there can be no international aviation without the support of the United States,” Secretary of Defense James Heppy told the broadcaster. However, a spokesman said such an extension would create suspicion and reaction in the eyes of the Taliban.

Taliban: “These are all fake news”

Given Dramatic scenes with many dead At the airport in Kabul, Shaheen assured people that they would not be intimidated and rejected attempts by Afghans to escape as economic displacement. “They want to settle in Western countries to live prosperous lives,” Shaheen said.

He also dismissed reports that people were being targeted. That’s it Fake newsA Taliban spokesman said. A Deutsche Valle is a member of the press He was wanted and killed by the Taliban last week.

According to the Ministry of Defense, Bundeswehr has so far expelled more than 2,700 people. The eviction proceedings continue, the ministry tweeted. “We will fly as far as possible from Kabul.”