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USA: For the first time a woman commands an aircraft carrier

The “USS Abraham Lincoln” is a US Navy aircraft carrier. This warship is over 300 meters long and can carry 85 aircraft. Now there is a new boss on board: Amy Bournsmith accepted the order last week.

She was inside San Diego The aircraft carrier was added to the office with a ceremony. Bauernschmidt was the first woman to lead a nuclear-powered American aircraft carrier.

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“There is no deeper responsibility than to know that you care about the people who decided to defend our nation,” Bournemouth said in a statement to the Navy. He also thanked his predecessor Walt for the “charge” assassination. “Captain Slaughter, thank you for handing over the best ship in the Navy.”

Amy Bournschmidt holds the rank of Marine Captain in the U.S. Navy. He previously worked as a helicopter pilot for many years. According to the Navy, he is said to have amassed 3,000 hours of flying time on military planes. From 2016 to 2019 he served as a senior officer at “USS Abraham Lincoln”.