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Missing in California – Weather hampers search for missing actor Julian Sands ArchDaily


The Briton has been missing for a week. Bad weather conditions hinder the search.

British actor Julian Sands has been missing since last Friday. After hiking in the mountains of Southern California, there was no trace of the 65-year-old. Although the local police have leads, the search is difficult due to the extreme weather conditions. There is an acute danger of avalanches.

Around Julian Sands

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Julianne Sands, 65, lives near Hollywood. In his decades-spanning career, he has acted in many other films and series in addition to the Oscar-winning film, A Room With a View. He has one son with his first wife, Sarah Harvey. He has been married to journalist Yevgenia Sitkovits since 1990. Together they have two daughters.

Sands was reported missing by his family on Friday, January 13, according to the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department. According to the British newspaper “Mirror”, Julian Sands’ previously parked car was discovered by search teams sent in the San Gabriel Mountains, about 65 kilometers northeast of Los Angeles.

The search has been canceled due to the storm

The large-scale search process is difficult. In the middle of the week, the police said, “a search party was sent, but due to weather conditions, the operation on Saturday was canceled.” According to the authorities, helicopters and drones can only continue searching if the weather in the mountainous region of California permits. A spokeswoman for the Sheriff’s Department confirmed to Reuters news agency that the search has since resumed from the air.

On the way it was sand on Mount San Antonio. As reported, the police were able to locate the actor’s cell phone near the mountain. However, other attempts to locate the location failed “due to lack of network and possibly a dead phone battery”.

14 missing and two dead

The peak is popular for hiking in the summer but not safe in the winter. The actor is an experienced mountaineer. However, experienced climbers were recently warned by local authorities in nearby San Bernadino County not to climb the mountain. There are currently “extremely hazardous” conditions due to snow and ice. Local rescue workers have been alerted 14 times in the past month to missing or injured people. Two hikers fell to their deaths.