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Michelle Jessen leads to the slalom podium in R

Michelle Jessen leads to the slalom podium in R

Obviously enjoying meandering at Are: Michel Jezin.

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Michel Geisen is third in the World Cup slalom slalom, her second podium of the season in the discipline. The win goes to world champion Katharina Linsberger.

It was a small slalom. After the first round, six drivers were rated within the 38th percentile. In the end, Micheal Jezin took third place with a difference of 23 hundredths, but was only two hundred faster than Slovak Olympic champion Petra Velhova, who took fourth.

And a race in which visibility was getting worse due to the falling darkness, the best of the first round was falling behind: first-half leader Lena Dorr of Germany from first to fifth, Petra Velhova from second. To fourth, American Michaela Shiffrin retired from fourth to ninth, and Sweden’s Anna Swain Larson, who finished third after the first heat wave, retired.

This not only enabled Gisin to leap forward. Winner from Austria Katharina Linsberger was only fifth in the first half, and Norway’s Mina Forest Holtmann led 10th to second.

Mélanie Meillard with respectable success

But no one was faster in the second round than Melanie Millard. Not only did the French-speaking Swiss score World Cup points for the first time this season, thanks to a best time in the second round and eighth place in the final, but her best World Cup result in more than four years. After the first round, Millard was 26th.

There were also World Cup points for Allen Daniot (19) and Nicole Judd (25). For Daniot of Ori, the result at the end of her twenty-fourth birthday was no cause for happiness. She was hoping for her best result in the World Cup as she was seventh after the first half, but fell back a lot after two serious mistakes.

The race in the live stream