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Metabo saw is approximately 40% cheaper (pendulum saw for wood, non-ferrous metals and steel sheets)

Metabo saw is approximately 40% cheaper (pendulum saw for wood, non-ferrous metals and steel sheets)

The Metabo STE 100 Quick 601100500 pendulum saw is a power tool delivered in a practical plastic case that, thanks to its slim design, allows optimal handling of different applications. This design is especially useful for applications that require precision and control. The saw offers the option of variably adjusting the number of strokes, which, in combination with the pendulum stroke and the low, spring-assisted saw blade guide, results in a suitable precise cut of the material.

The Metabo saw is light and easy to use thanks to the lack of a battery

Another feature of the Metabo STE 100 Quick cutting saw is the “Metabo Quick” system, which allows the saw blade to be changed without tools. The saw blade ejects automatically so the user does not have to come into direct contact with a hot or sharp saw blade. To ensure a clear view of the interface, the switchable foil blowing function can be activated. Another technical feature of this saw is the full wave Vario-Constamatic (VC) electronics. This function allows working at stroke rates appropriate to the material, which remain almost constant even under load. For applications where it is important to keep the work area clean, the saw offers the option of suction by connecting a multi-purpose vacuum cleaner. In addition, it is equipped with a protective glass that can be pushed down to ensure effective suction and protect the user from flying chips.

Pendulum Jigsaw is down nearly 40% on Amazon The Metabo STE 100 Quick also offers the option to use the guide rail and router as additional accessories. The delivery scope currently costs 113.25 euros, plus pendulum saw, suction nozzle, protective glass, splinter protection plate, saw blade for wood, hex key and plastic case. The technical characteristics of the device are great: it has a nominal input power of 710 W and an output power of 470 W. When it comes to cutting depth, it can cut wood up to 100mm deep, non-ferrous metals up to 25mm deep and steel sheets up to 10mm deep. The saw offers a rotary range of -45 to +45 degrees and has four pendulum stroke levels. At idle, the number of strokes is between 1000 and 3100 rpm with a saw blade stroke of 22 mm. The weight of the device without the power cord is 2 kg, and the power cord is 4 meters long for more flexibility.

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