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Amazon’s new Kindle app is optimized for Macs with Apple processors ›

Amazon’s new Kindle app is optimized for Macs with Apple processors ›

Amazon has been offering one since last month The new Kindle app for Mac In the Mac App Store. In the long term, the app aims to replace the previous version and, in addition to improving the reading experience, also provides improved library management.

However, initial reaction to the release from Kindle readers on Mac was mixed. With the first update, Amazon now wants to address at least some of the criticism. The new Kindle app for Mac is now a universal app and is therefore also optimized for Macs with Apple processors, and according to Amazon, keyboard and mouse support for the app has also been improved.

Customize the look of the Kindle app

Whether the new version of the Kindle app is visually and functionally better than its predecessor in many areas is also in the eye of the beholder. It is important for the user to become familiar with the somewhat hidden display options. When the book is open, you can move the mouse to the upper right corner of the window to display the “Aa” settings menu. Contrary to what the icon suggests, in addition to the font and size, you can also influence layout options such as page color, display various additional information, and even regulate the brightness of the application window separately.

Kindle App Settings for Mac

In-app purchases in the US only

However, the library itself remains limited to the viewing options known from its predecessor. It’s also still not possible to add new books from Amazon’s offerings directly through the Kindle app. A notice displayed in the Mac App Store that the app only offers in-app purchases indicates the service is currently only available in the USA.Kindle Vela“, where you can unlock more ongoing story episodes using the codes available there via in-app purchase.

For Kindle readers on Mac who do better with the old version of the app, it will still be available under the name “Kindle ClassicAvailable for download as an alternative.

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