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Marco Odermatt wins giant slalom at Adelboden

Marco Odermatt wins giant slalom at Adelboden

Giant slalom in Adelboden

finally! Udermatt got our first big win over Chuenisbärgli since 2008

Marco Odermatt resists the pressure and defends the lead since the first half in Adelboden. The 24-year-old from Nidwalden will finally replace Mark Berthod – the last Swiss to win at the Bernese Oberland.

Marco Odermatt with loud cheers: The 24-year-old also wins the giant slalom at home in Adelboden.


Swiss fans have had to be patient almost forever. Now, after 13 years, Marco Odermatt can finally end the drought. The 24-year-old from Nidwalden won the giant slalom at Chuenisbärgli, replacing Mark Berthod as the last winner of the Swiss giant slalom at Adelboden.

“It’s hard to put everything into words,” the winner said beaming in an interview after completing the act. “I was incredibly nervous today. When I climbed into the armchair in the direction of the starting house both times, tears came to me. A lot has been collected these days. I tried to ignore all expectations.”

Cheer up in the Bernese Oberland

It’s hard to imagine the pressure Marco Odermatt has been under in the past few days. His performance is even more impressive. The Swiss “Sportsman of the Year” crossed the finish line by 48 per cent, ahead of Austrian Manuel Villier. Cheer up in the Bernese Oberland. After last year’s race was held without spectators due to the pandemic, the atmosphere in Adelboden returned on Saturday in compliance with the 3G rule.

“The mood was really good. I’ve always wanted to achieve something really big with this place. “There is nothing better for me,” Udermatt said at the cameras. French Alexis Pintoro (+0.54) finished third.

Justin Maurizier drove past the podium. Although the birthday kid had to settle for the unpopular fourth, Vallet could show itself satisfied. After all, a shortfall of 1.23 seconds on the podium was huge in the end. Loc Meillard (8th), Gino Caviezel (11th), Cedric Noger (22nd) and Daniele Sette (27th) all had a solid result for Swiss skis overall.

Odermatt dominator

Back in Odermatt, who was able to win the fifth giant slalom of the season for the fourth time and currently dominates that discipline at will. In the toughest race of the season, he showed all his skills, talking about the toughest competition he’s ever led. This is how 23 athletes who could not see the finish line in the first round felt. In the second round, only another driver will be disqualified.

Odermatt was not impressed by this and on Saturday celebrated his ninth World Cup victory of his career in Adelboden. The lead in the World Cup finals over Norway’s Alexander Kilde is now 376 points. Almost scary numbers when you consider that Odermatt is only 24 years old. The best conditions to experience another Swiss ski festival on Sunday with the slalom in Adelboden.