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Macs detect liquids in USB-C ports and warn Apple

Macs detect liquids in USB-C ports and warn Apple

It’s something like that with Apple warranty and liquids. Even for devices like the iPhone or Apple Watch, which officially have water protection, Apple excludes water damage in the warranty terms. Apple uses very different methods to detect water damage.

For example, iPhones and iPads have a background process that issues a warning when water is detected in the charging port. The charging process can then be quickly interrupted by disconnecting the cable to prevent damage to the device.

high 9to5Mac Apple uses a very similar background process in the new macOS Sonoma 14.1. This has the name “liquiddetectiond” and the description “Liquid Detection and Corrosion Mitigation Program”.

Apple has other ways to detect water damage

Unlike the iPhone and iPad, Mac doesn’t expect warnings if water is detected in the USB-C port. It is more assumed that the data can only be collected by the system and read by technicians.

Additionally, Apple has long had additional options for detecting water damage on your Mac. That’s what he says in one Support document: “Current Mac laptops and some Apple wired and wireless keyboards are equipped with liquid liquid sensors (LCIs). This makes it possible to determine if these products have come into contact with liquids.