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James Blunt takes Robbie Williams to Switzerland

James Blunt takes Robbie Williams to Switzerland

Skiing in Valais

“He imitates me” – James Blunt talks about Robbie Williams’ move to Switzerland

James Blunt has been a resident of Verbier for years. In the conversation he reveals, among other things, his opinion on Robbie Williams’ move and which type of Swiss beer he drinks most.


James Blunt has owned a chalet in Verbier since 2007. Since then he has spent the winters in Switzerland.

Michael Clement

  • James Blunt, 49, has been spending the winter in his chalet in Verbier for years.

  • Now the Briton wants to meet his colleague Robbie Williams (49 years old) to practice skating, as he revealed in an interview with the 20 Minutes program.

  • The singer also explains why he had to sell his mountain restaurant in Verbier.

winter in chalet in verbier VS, Summer in Ibiza: This is the annual living situation of British singer James Blunt (49 years old), he says on the program 20 Minutes. “I love skiing and the mountains in Switzerland. “The country is one of the most beautiful countries in the world,” he says enthusiastically. The Briton appreciates that too Punctuality on public transportation And that people are incredibly humble. This allows him to live a normal life. “When I gave a concert at the Hallenstadion two years ago, I drove myself to Zurich. Then I stayed all night with my friends and came back the next day.

The singer isn’t the only star to have fallen in love with the Swiss mountains. This was recently announced Robbie Williams bought a property in Gstaad BE he have. “He always imitates me,” James says with a wink. Robbie knows he is also in Switzerland. “But I’m not convincing my celebrity friends that they should move in with me. I want the country to remain inside information,” the musician jokes. Now that Robbie is actually here, they’re sure to meet up at some point. “He has to come to Verbier to ski because he doesn’t There is enough snow in Gstaad. Otherwise the place is very beautiful and I can imagine visiting it.

What Swiss beer does James Blunt drink?

His family also loves it in Valais. “My two children go to school in Verbier and speak French fluently,” he proudly reveals. James himself can also speak the language because his mother is Belgian. He has not yet been able to get used to Valais German. “I only know a few High German words, but I don’t know the dialect,” Blunt admits. However, communications are working in the mountain village. “I know all the people there and they know me. I really like this simplicity and warmth.

James Blunt even owned a restaurant in Verbier. He sold the mountain restaurant “La Vache” a few years ago. “I couldn’t focus on it enough besides the music. “The restaurant was only open in the winter, so I decided with a heavy heart to leave it,” he explains. But Plante remains active in the gastronomy scene. He owns a pub in London. The musician knows his way around beer. “I’ve already tried a few Swiss beers. I really like the local beer from Verbier. “I also drink a lot of Cardinal,” he says.

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