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That's why they have a Christmas tree chalet only

That's why they have a Christmas tree chalet only

“The Geissens” own cars, luxury clothes, and real estate. Just one of them for the annual Christmas tree…

Goats enjoy their luxury. -RTLZWEI/obs

The basics in a nutshell

  • “The Geissens” have a chalet in Valberg.
  • But you only go there once a year.

You can luxuriate. And how!

The Geissens are more than happy to make a mess rather than create chaos. So far known. But now Robert, 59, and Carmen Jess, 58, are shooting the Christmas bird.

Because millionaires have an elegant Alpine-style chalet in Valberge, France. But they're actually only there once a year.

That's right, for Christmas! Ciao Dubai and Saint Tropez – hello snow.

“The wonderful thing about our house in Valberg. “We're really only coming this week for Christmas,” Geissens' mother Carmen reveals to Bunte.

“I never take down a Christmas tree. It's been there for five years – or six.

“Exactly, this is the Christmas home of the Giessens,” says Robert Geis, emphasizing the luxury.

This Christmas tree will never be taken down. – website

It's actually almost a shame that the chalet gets so little use. There are six rooms on an area of ​​320 square metres.

They left nothing to be desired. There is a sun terrace, a sauna, a wine cellar and even a ski room with access to the slopes on 1,150 m².

The TV family follows the tradition of celebrating Christmas at the chalet. “It's important to us that the kids are with us on Christmas Eve and then we cook all week. That's actually our tradition,” says Carmen.

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The Geissens have already wanted to sell the luxury property for a long time. “The key was supposed to be delivered last week. But unfortunately the buyer withdrew from the purchase contract,” the millionaire reveals.

Geissens has a different luxury problem

Only recently, the Geissens had to deal with another luxury problem. At the beginning of December her yacht was behaving well. The four millionth ship, the Indigo Star, has suffered a technical malfunction.

“The captain lost control. “He couldn't turn the machine off,” Carmen explained.

As a result, the luxury yacht headed uncontrollably towards Dubai Harbor – and got stuck in the sand. The Geissens were already in town at the time to watch the Formula 1 race there.

However, Carmen and Robert were unable to do anything until the flood came. Only then can the ship be towed again.

The Gesens family, from left: Shania, Davina, Robert and mom Carmen. -Instagram/Carmenges

By the way, the 22nd season of “The Geissens – A Very Charming Family” starts on RTLZWEI on January 8th.