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Lina is insulted because of her voice

Lina is insulted because of her voice

The Colombian-born woman works as a personal trainer and is looking for an athletic and confident man.

Unfortunately, it’s normal for candidates to hear one or two stupid sayings online. But this year seems particularly bad, as Lena also noted: Latinas are treated with hostility on social media because of their voice, above all else.

It can be read “Was she once a man?” in a comment below her intro video.

Lina answers annoyed: “What’s wrong with you all? No, I wasn’t, I’ve always been a woman. Haven’t you ever heard a woman with a deep voice?”

The comment has now been deleted. It got so bad that the station sent a statement to followers.

After countless hateful comments, the confident 30-year-old’s collar has now popped off.

“At first I ignored the comments,” Al-Madfa Sports told But it’s one thing to insult someone based on personal taste, and another thing to give someone a false identity, as in my case. “You can’t arbitrarily call a woman a man just because she has a deep voice.”

This is not the first time that Lena has had to listen to stupid sayings because of her voice. ‘Bachelorette’ nominee: ‘That’s why I held off on social media for so long. I don’t do that anymore,’ she explains.

“I am who I am and most of my work is done through social media,” Lena explains. “I help people get a body they feel good in and reduce back pain. I can only do that if I show up and use my voice.”

In an Instagram video, she now addresses critics directly. Like a coach, Lina gives you tips on self-love. The 30-year-old: “If I leave hateful comments to strangers, it’s a sign of a lack of self-love. I won’t even have time to write hateful comments.”

Will Lina be able to win the heart of Bachelor Fabrizio Perens with her self-confident and cheerful nature? Viewers will see this tonight starting at 8:15pm on 3+.