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Another doctor!  He’s supposed to be her new boyfriend

Another doctor! He’s supposed to be her new boyfriend

Is Michelle Hunziker, 46, talking about her new love here?

The most beautiful woman in Switzerland posted a snapshot on Instagram showing her riding a red motorcycle. Striking: the same Ducati is also present on the D. Alessandro Carollo (41 years old) can be seen. Carollo is the proud owner of Motorcycle No. 1. He affectionately calls the machine “Layla.”

Carollo, who comes from Rome, is beautiful, intelligent and a doctor: he works in Italy as an orthopedist for the rich and beautiful.

As reported by Italian media, Hunziker and the doctor have been a couple for almost a year. They have so far kept their love secret. Neither Carollo nor Hunziker have officially confirmed the relationship.

Michelle Hunziker separated from her second husband, Tommaso Trussardi (40), about two years ago. The presenter and the fashion heir were married from 2014 to 2022. They have two daughters together.

Giovanni is now in a relationship with influencer Hannah Wiig (27 years old). Weig is the ex-wife of German “GZSZ” star Jörn Schlönvoigt (36 years old).

Michelle Hunziker grew up in Bern. She moved to Italy as a teenager. In April 1998, she married singer Eros Ramazzotti (60 years old). The two divorced after four years. They have a daughter, Aurora Hunziker Ramazzotti (26 years old).

In April this year, Michelle Hunziker became a grandmother for the first time at the age of 46. Her daughter Aurora gave birth to her grandson Cesare in Ticino.

Michelle, who has three daughters, is said to be very happy that her first grandchild is a boy. Aurora’s daughter recently said: “She always wanted a boy, but she has three girls. She is very happy to have a boy.”