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Lidl is removing some products from its range

Lidl is removing some products from its range

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Sustainability and environmental protection are constantly driving innovations in the food trade. Lidl announces changes to fruit and vegetables – customers will have to do without the products in the future.

Discount company Lidl announced an innovation around the theme of sustainability and fruits and vegetables on LinkedIn on Tuesday: In the future, customers will have to avoid certain products in the grocer’s branches. “From now on” Lidl will stop selling flying fruits and vegetables. Affected produce can no longer be found on the fresh foods counter.

The import of fruits and vegetables by plane must be stopped completely. “We no longer offer airborne items such as papaya – which we had in our range -,” Lidl wrote in the comments when asked by some LinkedIn users. “Green asparagus is only served seasonally from Germany or Europe.” The company also explains why Lidl decided to make this move.

He investigates Lidl
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Branches all over the world About 12,200
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Environmental protection at Lidl: innovations in fruits and vegetables at discount

According to the company, tons of carbon dioxide will be saved by eliminating flying fruits and vegetables in all 3,250 Lidl stores in Germany. Lidl talks about “another step towards greater sustainability”. In the cuts, the range will be changed to improve animal welfare: meat and dairy products are affected by innovation.

However, when asked by some LinkedIn users, Liddell also wrote: “Our commitment refers exclusively to fruits and vegetables.” This means that other goods, such as flowers, will still be flown in to receive the discount.

Despite environmental protection: Fruits and vegetables are still available at Lidl

Although airborne fruit and vegetables are not used, Lidl advertises ‘crunchy salads, fresh herbs or regional fruit’. There will be about 160 fruit and vegetable products at the discount branches. But it seems that Lidl is not the only one focused on protecting the environment, the change in Kaufland’s supply chain is also aimed at protecting the environment.