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Katja Krasavić unveils a new tattoo – fans accuse her of stealing ideas

Katja Krasavić unveils a new tattoo – fans accuse her of stealing ideas

Katia Krasavitsi at a party in Berlin, December 2022.Image: Cornerstone

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Katja Krasavić is known for regularly changing her appearance. Her trademarks are long hair, colorful nails and tight outfits. She also has many tattoos on her skin. The actress is also open about her cosmetic procedures.

Katya recently teased on her Instagram account that she is planning another change in her body. She said she was going to get a new tattoo. She said in her story: “No one would dare to draw this tattoo, but I, Katya, dare to do it. Oh my God, I will definitely regret it.” Finally the motive was revealed. There were many reactions immediately and many fans suddenly accused her of stealing ideas.

Katya Krasavitsi shows off her latest tattoo

Katya Krasavitsi said for the first time in a video clip on her Instagram account: “I got the worst tattoo ever. It’s right under my skin, and I will regret it very much,” the 27-year-old explained: “I had a QR code tattooed on me that led to my Onlyfans page. do not you think so? I’m doing it live now.” Katya immediately showed that if you scan her tattoo with your cell phone, you’ll end up on her Onlyfans profile.

“It’s so crazy, not only am I the most successful woman on Onlyfans in Germany, but I also have this thing on my skin: Pay me, bitch.”She added it. She then invited her fans to scan the code and try it for themselves. You just celebrated a milestone on Onlyfans. She stated that she was in the top 0.01 percent of creators. She also revealed at OMR Festival that she earns less than six figures a month from content on the platform.

Fans express their displeasure

After Katya revealed her latest tattoo, there was not only a lot of support for her idea, but also accusations that it didn’t come from her at all. “Ex on the Beach” nominee and longtime “Playboy” model Anastasia Hale reportedly decided to draw a QR code from her Onlyfans page. “The idea was stolen from Anastasia,” one user immediately wrote under Katya’s post. “Anastasia has been suffering from this for a long time,” one follower confirmed.

In addition, another person said: “You imitated Anastasia, what a shame. This is definitely not something no one has done before or something unique.” Another stated: “I also engraved the QR code for Onlyfans. I was expecting something really bad when I said no one would dare do this. “

The reality star was repeatedly tagged in the comments so the post wouldn’t go beyond her. Finally, Anastasia spoke about herself in her story and wrote: “I knew I would be a trendsetter.” Katya herself did not delve into the matter further.

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