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This is how the stars are from September to December

This is how the stars are from September to December

Virgos make fundamental decisions

For Virgo, active action is needed: defining your position, making decisions, striving for improvements and, of course, making courageous changes.

Taurus is especially emotional

Taurus has had an eventful summer of love. And from October 9th, there will finally be more peace and, above all, clarity. This way, Taurus can relax and enjoy the beautiful autumn of love.

Cancer is becoming bolder

Cancers can reinvent themselves in September and create freedom, thus bringing more lightness to life.

Scorpio can strengthen his position

Scorpios often lack appreciation and perhaps affection from their loved ones lately. That must change now. In September, Scorpios can expand their network and use it professionally.

Scales set new accents

For Libra, October is a month of rebirth. You can use the New Moon on October 14 to get out of unsatisfactory situations: professionally or privately. Now is the time to decide and act.

Shooters are not discouraged

Health or Occupational Limitations: It’s not easy for shooters right now. It’s stuck here and there. Fortunately, the obstacles can be resolved by mid-October.

Capricorns are allowed to take their own needs seriously

Everything is already working in September. Capricorn also receives a lot of support and appreciation from those around him. The most difficult month is October, especially the first half of the month.

Gemini slows down a bit

At work, Geminis have good ideas and are very proactive, but they resist resistance or circumstances: new regulations, austerity measures, bureaucracy. But bullying can also dampen mood.

Fish must register their claims

Pisces will have to endure personal conflicts and make a fundamental decision or pass the tariff in the first half of October: an ultimatum? Or disconnect?

Aries needs a new battle strategy

The love life of Aries is especially exciting in September. Single people may soon fall in love. The fire of passion burns between the couples.

Aquarius needs to be patient

People under the sign of Aquarius currently feel a little sluggish and unable to develop properly. Work is pretty boring right now, and any job search is tough too.