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Jörg Rohde explains what happens in the “Sieben” bar.

Jörg Rohde explains what happens in the “Sieben” bar.

A breath of fresh air in Essen

It’s time for something new in AWZ: Jörg Rohde reveals what’s happening in the bar now

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Signs point to a new beginning in AWZ

Jörg Rudd’s turn Ben’s pub is being renovated

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Sometimes you have to try new things! And that’s the case now with “All That Matters.” After water destroys everything in Sibin’s bar, signs point to a new beginning. In the video, Jörg Rohde reveals why sometimes that’s not such a bad thing and what series fans can now look forward to.

AWZ actor Jörg Rude: “The Seven is the heart of our series!”

“Seven” included Exclusive economic zone (Streaming here on RTL+) To eat, like Cologne Cathedral. Countless dramas, reconciliations and hot first times have already happened here. But now it seems that Ben’s (played by Jörg Rudd) existence is on the verge of extinction, as almost the entire restaurant has been destroyed following water damage. A stab in the heart also for Jorg Rude, who said in the interview: “There are a lot of memories and emotions there. The Seven is also the heart of our series.”


what a shame. Ben’s bar looks like a swimming pool. There is water everywhere.

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Jörg Rohde is looking forward to new things at AWZ

After the end comes a new beginning, so there will be something new in AWZ for the cast and fans after the bar. “All seven will be redesigned, refurbished and given a new touch,” says Jörg Rohde. The AWZ star is really excited about this: “I always think it’s great when something happens and there are new ideas.” The video above explains why an actor has a certain thing in mind. (Please)