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Pop star Beatrice Egli completely loses her cool on TV

Pop star Beatrice Egli completely loses her cool on TV

Beatrice Egli will be on tour this fall.Photo: Imago/Star-Media


Jennifer Ulrich

“Full Risk” is the name of one of Beatrice Egli’s new songs, and it seems like the singer is actually looking for a challenge every now and then. The singer has now completed an exclusive interview with SWR: She spoke to Tim Peters during the rollercoaster ride. The clip, which was filmed at one of the theme parks, can be found on the official “SWR Schlager” YouTube channel.

Initially, Beatrice Egli said she had always enjoyed riding roller coasters, but was still “scared of the first impact.” She “hopes the food stays there.” After all, it’s not every day you get an interview in this situation.

Florian Silbereisen is supposed to save Beatrice Egli

When Beatrice Egli and Tim Peters sit next to each other on a roller coaster, the musician is exposed to very different questions. On the way up, the scenario is mentally played out that the car is stuck.

Beatrice Egli will then be “rescued by helicopter” – preferably by Florian Silbereisen, she confirmed when asked.

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As things quickly deteriorate, the situation becomes particularly sensitive for Beatrice Egli and the singer begins screaming. Challenging testing becomes almost impossible at this point. At least she got to “sing” a few lines from her hit song “Balance” with Tim Peters.

Beatrice Egli was interviewed while riding a roller coaster.

Beatrice Egli was interviewed while riding a roller coaster.Photo: Beatrice_egli_official/instagram

But the musical producer doesn’t stop even at top speed, and Beatrice Egli gives it her best shot. At least you correctly answer the question about the height of the Matterhorn. “How crazy are you because you know how high the Matterhorn is?” says Tim Peters, very impressed.

As the story progresses, Beatrice Egli faces two either/or questions. Here, among other things, it turns out that she prefers dinner to breakfast. Then the second ride on the roller coaster begins, and the singer bravely holds on.

Beatrice Egli reveals her most notable professional achievements

Although she has already celebrated many successes, she is particularly highlighting the fresh start with her album “Balance.” Next revelation: Beatrice Egli also knows what her colleagues at Schlager are doing. She knows the name of Helen Fisher’s little daughter. However, they are overwhelmed by the question about Croatia’s current currency (answer: euro).

However, this rollercoaster ride is also interrupted by screaming, and Beatrice Egli certainly can’t fully concentrate. This question is accompanied by when do you really get upset? The answer comes quickly: “When I feel hungry.” She also cannot tolerate injustice. In the end, Tim Peters gets a kiss.