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iPadOS 15: How to install public beta

iPadOS 15: How to install public beta

Apple has introduced iPadOS 15. The beta version is already available to developers, and everyone will have to be patient.

As usual, Apple presented the latest versions of iPadOS and all other Apple operating systems at the WWDC Developer Conference. This also kicks off the beta phase, which is initially limited to developers. From July onwards, every iPad owner can download the trial version of iPadOS.

Developer access can be managed to $99 per year, and participation in the public beta program is free. You can register at
. Once you sign up, you can upload a profile to your iPhone (or iPad) that gives you access to trial versions.

However, the software is not fully developed and errors can occur. It is therefore advisable to install the trial version on a second device that you do not have to rely on all the time. If you don’t have one, you should definitely create a backup before installing the beta so that you can go back to the last stable version if a problem occurs.

Download and install the trial version of iPadOS

If you are registered as a developer with Apple, you can immediately download the current beta at

Developer site
Download. As a regular user, you’ll have to wait until July, and Apple hasn’t given a specific date. When the time comes, the trial version is installed as follows:

  1. open the

    linked page
    on the desired device

  2. Register with your Apple ID

  3. Accept the agreement between Apple and the volunteer labختبر

  4. On the page that appears there is a “Getting started” section, there click on the link “Register your iPadOS device”

  5. In Step 2 on the new website, there is now the option to download the trial profile, either by clicking on the Upload Profile button or opening the link:

  6. Allow download

  7. Switch to the Settings app and install the downloaded profile, this will appear under your Apple ID account on the Profile Upload tab.

  8. Confirm the installation with the device passcode.

  9. The device will now restart.

  10. You can then switch to Software Updates in Settings and download and install the current beta like a regular iPadOS.

Apple registered developers always have a slight advantage in beta versions. If the system is brand new, as it does every summer at WWDC, it could take several weeks. Developers usually have access to score updates a day in advance. With iPadOS 14.5 and iOS 14.5, it was three days, the latest versions appeared at the same time. In rare cases, developers only get a new beta.