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Introduction: United wants up to 50 SSTs from Boom

Introduction: United wants up to 50 SSTs from Boom

Supersonic developer big success: United wants to buy up to 50 Overtures from Boom Supersonic.

The Californian company once talked about 76 pre-orders. Another pointed Boom Supersonic but only two customers have letters of intent for a total of 30 aircraft Outside. Japan Airlines wants 20 copies of the Supersonic Overture, and Virgin Galactic wants ten.

But now Boom has won a new big client for herself. United Airlines has signed a letter of intent to purchase 15 advanced supersonic aircraft, the airline announced Thursday, June 3. She explained that it will be implemented when “the new aircraft meets the requirements of safety, operation and sustainability.” United also got an option for an additional 35 bids.

Achieve goals in half the time

One requirement for United is that Boom Overture can run entirely on sustainable fuels. Therefore, the airline said, “It will probably be the first carbon-neutral large passenger aircraft from day one.” But one of the problems that still needs to be resolved is noise. Supersonic aircraft can also connect many destinations in half the time, for example Newark – London in only three and a half hours, Newark – Frankfurt in four hours and San Francisco – Tokyo in only six hours.

Last October, Boomden introduced a smaller test plane called the XB-1, or Baby Boom. Its length is 21 meters, which is almost a third of the height of the foreground. You should fly this year. He is currently completing soil tests in California.

From 2029 on the road with passengers

Boom Overture should fly 2.2 times faster than sound and provide space for 55 passengers. The plane should finish in 2025, fly for the first time in 2026 and carry passengers as early as 2029.

In the gallery above, you can see the pictures of Boom Overture.