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Intended order: Air India wants an Airbus A350

Intended order: Air India wants an Airbus A350

So far, Airbus has had a tough time with its long-haul aircraft in India. The country’s airlines fly long distances exclusively with Boeing aircraft. That should change soon thanks to Air India.

So far, anyone who travels long distances with an Indian airline has done so on a Boeing plane. Even if there are many Airbus A320s and A321s in operation in the country, Airbus has not been able to sell a long-haul aircraft in India for years. This could change now.

like an indian newspaper working standard It reported that the national airline Air India, which belongs to the Tata Group, intends to order the Airbus A350. This emerges from a message to cockpit crews. The airline is asking employees to announce that they are ready to be retrained to fly the Airbus A350.

Free boxes due to sanctions and the Qatar dispute

Staff have until June 20 to respond. Those who agree cannot be trained on any other type of aircraft for two years. According to various media reports, he has ordered 20 Airbus A350 aircraft, which should join the fleet from the first quarter of 2023.

This is possible, among other things, due to the sanctions that Earlier this year it was imposed on Russian airline Aeroflot, Delivery slots are now free. Aircraft that were already intended for Qatar Airways can also become free of charge. Due to a legal dispute, Airbus is currently unable to deliver it to Qatar Airways.