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Navalny’s back: He tells us of a tougher concentration camp

Alexej Navalny (46) is the biggest opponent of Vladimir Putin (69). When his lawyers wanted to visit him on Tuesday in a punishment camp where he is currently serving his sentence, he was no longer there. Relatives, staff, friends and supporters were deeply concerned, and Navalny’s spokeswoman, Kira Garmisch, said his life was in danger.

But Navalny is speaking now. He was transferred to Colony 6 in Melicho, near the city of Kovrov, and is currently in quarantine, he told his followers. He tells about the books he holds and the jobs that can be learned. Apparently it takes the same amount of time to become a carcass healer or a sewer, which he can’t quite comprehend. As for the contribution, he puts up a picture on which he is feeding the ducks.