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BBQ Tips: How to Avoid Common Mistakes

Four no-gos

You should pay attention to this when grilling

Poorly lit charcoal, dirty grills, burnt sausages next to raw burgers, etc.? But don’t worry, our food expert Fabian Joby tells you what to avoid.

The English word “barbecue”, which appeared in the seventeenth century, has its origin from the Spanish word “barbacoa”. This in turn comes from an ancient term in the Arawaks. A language spoken by the Native Americans in the Caribbean. Including the Taino, who grilled and smoked meat and fish by placing them on wooden structures. Perhaps all this was long before the arrival of the Europeans and the destruction of a large part of the cultural heritage of North and South America. This cooking method has been adopted by many cultures, which has its origins in the indigenous peoples of the Caribbean.

However, the definition of barbecue varies greatly from country to country because the cuts of meat, techniques, and fuel used are not the same. In North Carolina, a barbecue includes a whole pig—wood smoked over low heat for 12 to 24 hours—served with a vinaigrette. Texas, on the other hand, primarily has roast beef that’s been smoked acorns. “Barbecue, by definition, is simply what is cooked over a fire,” legendary Texas chef Aaron Franklin explains in his book “American BBQ.” In short, everyone has their own definition of barbecue.