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Individual mixed relay at the World Cup – Switzerland comes in fifth place – Gold goes to France again – Sports

Individual mixed relay at the World Cup – Switzerland comes in fifth place – Gold goes to France again – Sports

  • Niklas Hartwig and Lena Häke Gross finished fifth in the individual mixed relay at the Biathlon World Championships in Nove Mesto.
  • The victory went to the French duo Quentin Fillon Maillet/Le Jeanmonnot.
  • The other medals go to Italy and Norway.

Niklas Hartweg and Lena Häcki-Gross showed an attractive performance in the individual mixed relay and came in fifth place, but they were more than half a minute away from the medal. From a Swiss point of view, the race started promisingly. Hartweg Häcki-Gross passed flawlessly after the first edition in third place behind the top two favorites France and Norway.

However, the woman from Obwalden did not know how to fully exploit the good starting position. In addition to one shooting error while lying down and standing, she also had to deal with a fall on the cross-country skiing track and fell to seventh place. As a result, Switzerland can no longer keep up with the medal ranks.

Hartweg, who was impressed with 20 strokes from 21 shots, and Häcki-Gross, as in previous World Cup races, lost a lot of time on the road and were not satisfied with the material after the race. The Swiss athlete at least managed to overtake Germany and the United States on her last lap and thus secured fifth place for Switzerland.

Tandrevold makes a mistake at the shooting range

Norway and France dueled at the top for a long time until World Cup leader Ingrid Landmark Tandrevold made 4 fouls on the final shot. So she had to settle for third place with Johannes Thingnes Bö. Italy, led by individual world champion Lisa Vettuzzi, reached second place.

Meanwhile, Lou Jeanmonnot left nothing to be desired at the front and made sure France also won the individual medley relay after the medley relay. However, for the 25-year-old, it was her first World Cup gold medal alongside Quentin Fillon Maillet, as she had to make way to her teammates in the opening race a week ago.

And this is how it continues

The grand finale of the Biathlon World Championships will be held in Nove Mesto this weekend. On Saturday, it's all about the medals in the two classic relay races, and on Sunday, the two mass start races conclude the event. You can watch all four competitions live on SRF.