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Image: Liam Neeson Filming in Australia – Set moved in Nepal

Image: Liam Neeson Filming in Australia – Set moved in Nepal

Hollywood star Liam Neeson (71) is filming a new action drama in a former Australian gold mining town. The actor (“Schindler's List”) was spotted this week at Walhalla in the state of Victoria, where many onlookers saw him at work, Australian media reported. Parts of the 2021 sequel to “The Ice Road” are currently being filmed in the town east of Melbourne, where only about 20 people live today. Neeson once again portrays “Ice Driver” Mike McCann, an expert at maneuvering icy roads.

While the first part took place in the remote part of Canada, McCann gets it in “Ice Road 2: Road to the Sky”. Nepal Dealing with malicious mercenaries. Sky News Australia reports that the small Australian town has been partially reimagined for the thriller. Many buildings were painted in bright colors and decorated with Nepali symbols and props. Once the shooting is over next week, everything will be back to normal.

Born in Northern Ireland, Neeson has made dozens of films since the 1980s, including several blockbusters such as “Batman Begins,” “Michael Collins” and “Les Miserables.” “I've seen countless films of his,” an Australian visitor at Valhalla told 7News. “It's absolutely exciting.” Hollywood is using Australia Used as a movie location for many years.

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