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If you blinked, you probably missed this Star Wars special.

If you blinked, you probably missed this Star Wars special.

A very special memorial has been created for the beloved Star Wars character.

Star Wars: Ahsoka

The new series “Star Wars: Ahsoka” takes care Disney+ Already after the fourth episode there was a need for discussion among fans. While some cried their eyes out at the end of the episode after the character returned, others had many unanswered questions, for example how Ahsoka could have gotten to the strange place at the end of the episode.

But that’s not all the episode has in store for fans. After about a third of the running time, fans were able to see a small but memorable nod to the popular animated series “Star Wars Rebels” And see the character you like. However, this moment was only seen for a split second, so even the biggest fans must have missed it while watching the episode normally.

We’re talking about one Portrait of Jedi Kanan Jarrus In Hera’s cockpit. Did you see him? If not, you can catch the scene on Disney+ (timestamp: 10:31 minutes). Shortly before Hera enters the cockpit of her spaceship, with her son Jacen waiting in the passenger seat, a blurry image can be seen on the side of her dashboard. Fortunately, fans amplified the moment and shared it on social media.

Was this Kanan Jarrus’ first live appearance?

For those who have yet to watch an episode of the animated series “Star Wars: Rebels,” characters like Hera Syndulla, Sabine Wren, Droid Chopper, and Ezra Bridger are new territory. The six-man Ghost crew, which also includes Jedi Kanan Jarrus and Zeb Orrelios, are the main characters whose adventures are followed in “Rebels.” Sabine, Hera, and Ezra (as holograms) have already celebrated their first appearance in “Star Wars: Ahsoka.” Zeb was seen in a cameo appearance in Season 3 of The Mandalorian. Chopper first appears in Rogue One: A Star Wars Story.

However, only for Kanan, who was originally voiced by former teen heartthrob Freddie Prinze Jr. (“One Like Nothing”), has only been enough so far to have a cameo in Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker. Not for direct appearance – and for good reason. He sacrificed himself for his friends and family and gave his life. He never met Hera’s son, Jacen Syndulla.

Does the image indicate a hidden live-action appearance by Kanan Jarrus in the “Star Wars” series? The image is too small and blurry to determine whether it shows a real actor, such as Freddie Prinze Jr., or a drawing of the animated character. However, the outlines fit the cartoon character perfectly — and the shape of Freddie Prinze Jr.’s face, if fans are to be believed. You can find out which Easter eggs in the “Star Wars” films and series are also memorable in the video:

‘No Ahsoka’: Freddie Prinze Jr. rejected a possible ‘Star Wars’ return.

The American actor, who voiced the character of Kanan in the movie “Rebels” for four years, and also made guest appearances (voice) in the movie “Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker” and the animated series “Star Wars: The Bad Batch,” with the figure completed. In May 2023, Freddie Prinze Jr. finds himself in… “The Big Thing” podcast. Clear words about a potential return and live appearance:

“Every time you hear Kanan’s voice since the end of Rebels, it dilutes his impact. […] No, Ahsoka. I’m done with Canaan. I’m too old for this stuff.”

Clear words addressed by the actor to the fans. Whether “Star Wars” audiences will still be able to see a larger shot of the image and thus answer the question of whether this is the first live-action experience of Kanan Jarrus (at least as an image) may be something we get to see in Star Wars Episode V: Ahsoka. Episode 5 will be available on Disney+ on September 13, 2023. Until then, you can test your “Star Wars” knowledge with our Ahsoka Tano quiz.

Ahsoka Tano: How well do you know the Star Wars character?

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