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Davina Jess hugs this professional soccer player

Davina Jess hugs this professional soccer player

Davina Jess Is there something going on? She gets very close to this professional football player at dinner

Davina Jess


Is Davina Jace in love? So he forgives? In her story, the millionaire’s daughter shares a photo that shows her at dinner – and next to her is a very attractive man who is also not a stranger. And professional footballer Ishmael Jacobs seems to feel comfortable next to her.

Davina Guess, 20, is a member of Monaco’s high society. You also meet one or two footballers there. If you also have the same assets, it seems like a match made in heaven. At least, the businessman’s daughter and Ismail Jacobs, who once played for Kölner and now plays for AS Monaco, met for dinner. Davina reveals this with a photo she shares in her story.

What’s going on with Davina Jess and Ishmael Jacobs?

She leans towards him, resting on his shoulder, and they seem familiar and not camera shy. Obviously they do not want to remain unrecognized. So Davina’s 473,000 followers can also find out who she spends her nights in Monaco. She even ties up the football player – clearly showing everyone who is the man next to her. Ishmael himself shares the recording in his story, and also seems to want to show it to everyone who is in his company.

Ishmael and Davina at dinner


Sending her little heart

This isn’t the first time that something has been rumored to be going on between the 20-year-old and the four-year-old Cologne native. It was already noticed in August that he put a heart on a photo of Robert and Carmen’s daughter Jess on Instagram. She, in turn, sent him the same code. Only friendly? Only two of them know that at the moment.

One thing is certain: the footballer is an acquaintance of the millionaire’s family. About six months ago, Carmen published a picture in which Ismail also appears. “Today we walked into a regular table,” she wrote of the photo, which also included Davina. Did the two meet there?

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