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I should never have gotten a mullet at Mercedes

( – Since Valtteri Bottas left Mercedes for Alfa-Romeo, a lot has changed in the Finn’s life. Although the two-time second-place world champion is no longer fighting for race wins or even titles, he seems more relaxed and in tune with himself.

Valtteri Bottas will start 2023 looking a little different

This is not only reflected on his social media profiles, where he occasionally posts himself with a bare bottom, but also in his appearances on the racetrack and last but not least in his look with a casual mustache and mullet.

“I think now I have the feeling that I can really be who I am,” Bottas himself says of his transformation. “And yes, there is definitely a slight difference.”

“I think company policy is a little different in different workplaces, let’s put it this way. And maybe some things are a little more restrictive.” This means: in a big team like Mercedes you are not quite as determined and free as in a midfield team like Alfa Romeo.

“It’s also a time when you grow up,” Bottas emphasizes. So he learned a lot in Formula 1, also through battles and defeats. “At some point, you realize you shouldn’t take things so seriously, especially yourself,” explains the 33-year-old. Today he is simply “a little happier” with everything.

When asked if he could wear a mullet in a Mercedes, he said, “I can imagine I wasn’t allowed to, so this is just an example.”

Girlfriend Tiffany Cromwell, with whom Bottas has been in a relationship since 2020, is also part of his change. Finn describes his partner, “She’s Australian, and I would say she’s a free spirit. She likes to be in the moment and do the things that make her happy.”

“She’s kind of mental. So, that definitely plays a part. It’s the person you live with, after all. That’s always a big, big impact. And yet she’s still trying to get me Australian to do it, and it’s done step by step. Yeah, Certainly,” he laughs.