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National League: Pre-qualifiers – in Bern All about Di Domenico – Sport (last time?).

National League: Pre-qualifiers – in Bern All about Di Domenico (last time?) – Sports – SRF

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SCB fights against Kloten on Saturday towards the end of the season. Lots of standing up and falling down with Chris Diomenico.


Which face appears on Saturday?

Chris DiDomenico.

Freshfocus/Martin Meinberger

In hindsight, this was the deciding scene in Game 2 of the pre-playoff series between Kloten and SC Bern. At the start of the second half, Chris Diomenico let himself be elbowed from behind against Florin Randiger, whereupon the daredevil was forced out for a 5-minute run. Kloten knew how to take advantage of this superior number and scored two goals. In the end, the climber prevailed 4: 1 and forced the decisive third game.

The fact that the Canadian is able to decide matches in favor of his team (!) Often proved to be enough in the playoffs. With 53 points, Di Domenico was the top scorer of “Mutzen” at the league level, only Roman Cervenka and Linus Umark surpassed him in this classification.


But De Domenico always oscillates between genius and madness. The Canadian’s short fuse may have been one of the reasons that prompted SCB to terminate the contract with the 34-year-old during the season at the end of the season. In the next season, he again returned to Freiburg.

At worst from Bern’s point of view, DiDomenico will make his last appearance against the SCB on Saturday. Coach Tony Soderholm will probably do everything he can to speak his conscience to his leading scorer in the regular season.

But his teammates should also refrain from taking unnecessary penalties. In a 5v5 game, Kloten didn’t have much to do in the first two duels. The promoted team has scored four of the five goals in the preliminary rounds so far with a majority. Calculations from Bern’s point of view are made quickly: goals instead of penalties from Di Domenico – and the rotten season continues in the playoffs.

SRF Radio 3, Evening Bulletin, March 9, 2023, 10 p.m.;

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