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Husband?  And so things continued with Pete and Baby

Husband? And so things continued with Pete and Baby

For farmer Pete (52) and lady-in-waiting Bebe (58, real name Andrea), everything ran like clockwork during farm week. But is this enough for a relationship?

On the last day of Farm Week, the two lovebirds take a love photo. The Berner woman and Thurgau make a visually beautiful couple. It also seems that there is harmony between the two on a spiritual level.

The two always had a lot to laugh about during farm week and couldn’t keep their hands off each other. “I don’t know if I’ve ever laughed as hard as I did with Beat,” said lady-in-waiting Baby excitedly.

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The farewell is emotional in return. But: “Seven days is not enough time to know if you want to spend the rest of your life together,” Pete points out. After all, he is from Bern, so he doesn’t want to rush into anything. Pepe doesn’t want to commit yet either. The two want to keep in touch and see what develops from it.

But it’s clear to the fruit farmer that he wants more from the cheerful Pepe. “He’s called ‘farmer, bachelor, seeker’ and I think I’ve found him,” says the 52-year-old single man. He’s definitely “open-minded,” he enthuses. beautiful words!

As a farewell, he gave the 58-year-old Thurgau woman a red rose. “Go away,” he tells her with a wink. “Otherwise I’ll have to start crying again.”

Now the surprise: Pete and Bebe haven’t been a couple since filming. This was confirmed by broadcaster 3+ at the request of Why does love fail? Not clear! The two do not want to comment on this specifically.

Season 19 of the popular dome show is currently streaming on 3+. So far not a single pair has been created.

Andreas (age 42) and Beatrice (age 43) also separated, as did farmer Pius (age 58) from Appenzell Innerrhoden and Heidi (age 55).

As learned, the young farmer Patrick (31 years old) and his bridesmaid Cindy (26 years old) did not become a couple after filming.

Farmer Anneliese (34) even sent her owner Pascal (37) home in the middle of farm week. She was too shy and not interested enough – that was her conclusion about Pascal. The Grisons resident had to pack his bags and leave with a heavy heart.

The next episode, “The Single Farmer Searching,” will be broadcast on Thursday at 8:15 pm on Channel 3+.