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Going out: Three ideas for the weekend

Going out: Three ideas for the weekend

Cartoons, a band from Belp and Spound for 20 years – three tips from the events calendar.

Summer is over. You can see this, for example, in the rain falling on the roof, but also in the busy calendar of events.

Saturday – Fantosh at Worp

Chinoworb showcases a selection of the best films from the Fantoche International Animation Film Festival. The six award-winning works will be screened in 2023 in different categories, namely six short films ranging in length from five to twelve minutes. Whether artistically bold or unconventional, utilizing cutting-edge technology or utilizing the ingenuity of classic animation, the colorful world of animated films is full of visual and content-related surprises.

Chinoworb, Worb, Saturday 14 October, 11pm, admission 17/14 francs, children up to ten years 12 francs.

Saturday – Cover songs at Bären Konolfingen

Timberline is an ambitious and energetic band from Belp. She plays her own compositions as well as selected cover songs for everyone. Following a new lineup in 2022, Timberline now debuts a new singer and musician.

Dutchstock, Alter Baren Village Museum, Konolfingen, Saturday 14 October, 11pm, entrance fee 38 francs, advance purchase 33 francs.

Saturday – Weisch no Party at Zäziwil gym

Things got loud and nostalgic at the legendary Weisch-no party in Zäziwil. You roll the dice to get in, and a whole row of DJs make sure it “sounds like it did 20 years ago.”

Zazewell Multi-Purpose Hall, Saturday, October 14, 8 p.m