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How did former Wendler Claudia Norberg get an expensive BMW?

How did former Wendler Claudia Norberg get an expensive BMW?

Claudia Norberg drives the expensive BMW of Michael Wendler. But the car appears to be owned by someone else – perhaps her new boyfriend.

The basics in brief

  • Claudia Norberg was spotted driving an expensive BMW in Florida despite being in debt.
  • This belongs to a German luxury car dealer and millionaire.
  • Is there more than one friendship between the two?

Over a long time It’s about a life of luxury Claudia Norberg (50) Rumors in the United States. Because actually the ex-wife Michael Wendler (49) heavily in debt. 3.2 million Franken If it’s red, it should be from 1270 Franken live monthly.

She still enjoys life in Florida. About a month ago I became Seen in an expensive BMW X6 – 81000Franken– the cars. This is said to have been provided to her by an ex-Michael.

But as Bild reports, the sled does not belong to Wendler at all. The real owner is supposed to be Hubertus Freiherr von Falkenhausen (56). The German millionaire has lived in Florida for ten years and makes a living with a discount luxury cars.

But how does a reality TV participant get a millionaire’s car? Well, what prevails between the two of them has to be more than just friendship. In Cape Coral, where Norberg lives, they are rumored to be a married couple.

Claudia Norberg is supposed to have a new boyfriend – just a rumor or the truth?

According to Bild, neither Claudia nor Hubertus was available or willing to comment.

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