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Oliver Bucher will receive a pension of only 400 euros

Oliver Bucher will receive a pension of only 400 euros

A heated debate is going on here: Oliver Bucher talks to four other guests about important political issues. Thus, his entitlement to the retirement pension is cut off.

The basics in brief

  • In the Bild discussion, Oliver Bucher speaks frankly about his entitlement to a pension.
  • Despite his wealth, the comedian will receive only 400 euros.

Federal elections in Germany are the number one topic of conversation in many places. This is also the case on “Bild Live” “A quarter past eight – the talk that makes the headlines.” bring it Five guests are invited Their subject of discussion, which is especially close to their hearts.

In the last issue there was also Oliver Bucher (43) and Sophia Tomala (31) invited. In a topic discussed, the comedian revealed surprising things.

“Bild” – Polish President Jan Schaefer raised the pension debate with him as a affair of the heart. The journalist wanted to know when Ollie was planning to retire. humorist Then: “I’m someone who, frankly, doesn’t really pay the statutory retirement system.”

Then the surprise. to me Amira Boucher’s husband (28) will not currently be entitled to a higher pension: “I recently read a claim that I have. I think I am currently getting three or four hundred euros.”

What is your sentiment on Oliver Bucher?

Small amount when you consider how rich Oliver Bucher is. In general, celebrities should More than 8,600,000 Franken It is also known as Vermögen Magazin. According to this, he should take half a million annually, without deduction Guidance.

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