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Holstein Kiel consolidates second place with a win at home

Holstein Kiel consolidates second place with a win at home

Holstein Kiel celebrated its victory over its guest Hansa Rostock 2-0 in the 27th round of the 2nd German League.

The home team got off to a flying start: the Leather were already stumbling into the net in the third minute. The scorer was Skrzybski, who shot into the far corner after great work from Machino.

Kiel goalkeeper Weiner caused some tension in the eighth minute when he stopped a back pass from Borath and then suddenly caught it with his hand. This meant an indirect free kick for Hansa Rostock, but all the shots could not penetrate the home defence.

The game then progresses, and Hansa tries hard, but the really good chances are less successful. In the 27th minute, Roth scored from a penalty kick after a wonderful attack by Keel, but it was not very accurate and Kolke was able to save it.

The home team also came out of the locker room well. First, Sander finishes from 20 metres, and Kolke's save flies to the feet of Holtby, who only has to push the ball into the goal to make it 2-0.

Nothing changes at 2-0. Kiel has 52 points and is in second place, while Rostock fell to 17th place with 28 points.

Important points for Braunschweig in the relegation battle

Eintracht Braunschweig picked up important points in the relegation battle with a 5-0 home win over SV Elversberg.

Here too the first goal comes early. Helgason takes a corner kick that finds its way into Krauße's completely free area. He rises about ten meters above the goal and puts the ball into the net (7). Braunschweig leads!

The hosts continue to hold on to the ball and, despite having less possession, their chances are significantly more dangerous. Shortly before the half-time whistle, the “Lions” reward themselves again – again, a corner kick. Filip with a cross, Gomez sends the ball into the six-yard box, where Pekakcic only has to collect the ball (45.+2).

Things continue lively in the second half. Vandermeersch clears a cross with his hand, and Eintracht are awarded a penalty in the 79th minute. Kurokai takes the lead and leads 3-0 (80th place).

But Braunschweiger's side were still in the mood to score, scoring twice in stoppage time. Krüger can first celebrate 4-0 (90+1), and shortly afterwards, Kurokai – again after a corner kick – scores twice and secures a final score of 5-0.

This means that Braunschweig is promoted to 14th place (30 points). Elversberg, in 11th place, has five more points.

Kaiserslautern wastes a 1-0 lead

After leading Fortuna Düsseldorf, 1. FC Kaiserslautern still has to admit defeat 1:3.

Ritter (26th) gave the team a 1-0 lead with a brilliant finish, which was good.

After the break, Fortuna comes into the game better and is able to knock out the Lutyners with a double kick. Nemec cross from which Tzoulis takes off and shoots it into the goal (74).

The Red Devils are clearly impressed, and the defense is a complete mess. Team Funkel takes advantage of this, Appelkamp is completely free and turns the game around (76th place).

The last point doesn't take long to arrive either, as the hosts are completely out of their depth. Tzoulis claimed a 3-1 double for Düsseldorf, which meant three points and an early third place finish.

On the other hand, Lautern fell to sixteenth place.