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This is what happens when you put tardigrade proteins into human cells

This is what happens when you put tardigrade proteins into human cells

Bear animals have amazing characteristics.

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Carry animals or Water bears, as the little creatures are also called, have amazing abilities. You can in Harsh conditions He survives – For example in space or on ice. In addition, tardigrades can survive extremely hot temperatures and high radiation levels and can survive without water for a very long time. Because of these amazing properties, researchers are studying whether they could be beneficial to humanity as well.

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Metabolism is a mystery

Researchers already know a lot about living organisms, for example, that their superpowers depend in part on their ability to… Inner life in a way jelly To transform. How exactly do they do this and what are the mechanisms behind their particular mechanism Metabolism But it remains a scientific mystery.

Now American researchers have this idea Proteins From bear animals to human cells to learn more about them. The experiment provides new insights into how the tiny creatures do this Harsh conditions for survival. To do this, they used protein Priest DrWhich is known to protect water bears from drought. To do this, researchers tried different methods. Their results show that CAHS D exists in one Jelly-like condition I turned. This protects the particles and prevents them from drying out.

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The properties of the bear animal can slow down aging

“The study provides insight into how tardigrades, and perhaps other drought-tolerant organisms, survive during drought by taking advantage of biomolecular condensation.” The researchers write in their published study.

According to the researchers, the findings could help develop new technologies… Aging of living organisms To slow down the speed. Thanks to the CAHS D protein, bears can survive very well, and scientists hope that these properties will also be beneficial for human cells. When they mixed the bear's animal proteins with human cells, they saw that this also led to… Human cell metabolism Slow down.

Bear animal proteins could be our cells More flexible Do anti-stress. It may one day be possible to transfer some of these survival mechanisms to our cells and bodies, and this could slow down aging, for example. Besides, it can Storage of human organsintended for agriculture, makes it safer in cold temperatures.