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His girlfriend makes an important beauty statement

His girlfriend makes an important beauty statement

Luca Hänni and Christina Luft learned to love each other during “Let’s Dance”. As a professional dancer, your appearance plays an important role. Now she is making a statement.

The basics in brief

  • As a professional dancer, Christina Luft is often defined by her looks.
  • Luca Hänni’s girlfriend is now talking on Instagram for more self-love.

The professional german dancer Christina Luft, 31, hasn’t always had it easy. In the past, the “Let’s Dance” star had to deal with a hateful bodybully beat around.

So you have one dance– The juror once said, “shitting” in his face: “Yes, Christina, it didn’t go so well because you are simply too fat,” said the beauty. Recently to their fans. Excuse me?

But Luca Haney’s girlfriend, 26, cannot be underestimated with such comments and is now making an important beauty statement. On Instagram It calls for more self-love.

To the Selfie She writes: “When I post a photo, I feel like I have to write something deep and clever to show my underestimation. But is this the only right way?”

She wanted to post the photo because she thought it was “just beautiful” and nothing more. “Should we be ashamed of even thinking that we are beautiful? Is this why I’m less intelligent, or deep, or refined, or shallow? ask herself.

In the comments, Luca Hänni’s girlfriend received a lot of fan acclaim for her words.

Do you find yourself beautiful?

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