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Here’s what’s happening in the US in the fall when it comes to AI regulation

Here’s what’s happening in the US in the fall when it comes to AI regulation

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In March this year, plenty Technical experts how Elon Musk Or Steve Wozniak In an open letter A temporary halt to AI developmentAs long as there is an appropriate regulation. It later emerged that Musk, meanwhile, was primarily interested in getting his own AI start-up, but there were calls for one. AI regulation There were other researchers in the US, such as Signal Chief Meredith Whittaker Or developers, including the Google AI pioneer Geoffrey HintonIt stopped loudly.

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Regulation is in place in Europe

Meanwhile, Europe advanced rapidly “AI Act“, where are you going Quick start of ChatGPT Surprised, more developed and considered clear rules for AI applications.

Other generative AI programs like ChatGPT or Midjourney or Dall-E are classified as “general-purpose AI”. The AI ​​Act now provides for: Companies developing AI will need to use their training data in the future Document. It is primarily aimed at ensuring enforcement Copyright AI applications such as Dall-E or ChatGPT enable it by training texts and images that can represent intellectual property. AI-generated content also does not violate the law.

Additionally, Europe has defined 4 risk categories, and strict rules must be followed depending on whether an AI application falls under “high risk”.

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Joe Biden wants “safer” AI

However, in the US, not much has happened in the last few months. He called once in May US President Joe Biden Calls on AI companies to ensure “safer” AI. Then there was a two-hour meeting with the technical leaders. It was “Open and Constructive” The need for greater transparency from AI companies towards political decision-makers was discussed, it said.


Senator Chuck Schumer Invites Big Tech to AI Summit

The Future of AI Summit in the US Senate

But that’s all for now on the topic of AI in the US. Now it seems that something will happen again this month. US Senate Majority Leader, Chuck Schumerinvites you to one “The Future of AI” Summit. The invitation list includes: Elon Musk (Tesla, Twitter, SpaceX), Sundar Pichai (Google), Mark Zuckerberg (Meta), Jensen Huang (NVIDIA), Sam Altman (OpenAI) and Satya Nadella (Microsoft). This is primarily a meeting of “Big Tech” employers, and as a result, to help with AI, senators are expected to better understand AI through the “AI Insight Forum.” Organize better.

Critics therefore fear that the meeting will primarily serve to influence MPs about what constitutes “good” and “bad” regulation. The criticism is that the downsides of AI will not be addressed at the summit, but rather the opportunities will be highlighted.

Are big tech and politics at odds?

It says they want to meet NGOs, civil society, workers affected by AI and creative people.From Gizmodo On the part of the Senate. Signal boss Meredith Whittaker For example, they have already warned that the biggest problem with AI is that it is in the hands of the big tech players – only they can provide training data for AI to grow quickly.

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Other known risks: AI could lead to rationalization of many jobs. Goldman Sachs Calculates approx 300 million In Next 10 years. Additionally, with AI fake news A well-known phenomenon can become even more powerful, even more quickly created and disseminated.

AI Summit in US to be held in Washington 13. September Walk across the stage. It remains a meeting behind closed doors. The US is thought to be much less restrictive than Europe due to the influence of Big Tech players on the economy. Or to put it another way: tech giants will successfully lobby for leniency laws.